Mapify360 is a Cloud-Based Solution that helps marketers around the world to Find and Identify “Un-claimed” or “Un-Optimized” Google My Business Local Leads.
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Didn’t Receive Login details

We send the email with the login details as soon as the payment is made, but sometimes that email ends up in the junk folder.Please open up your email box and check each email category (Inbox/Update/Promotion/Forums) for the email with the Login details.It’s also possible that the email ended up in...

Can’t remember password

In case you can’t remember your password or you don’t feel that it’s secure enough, you can use our automated reset function to reset it.Depending on which software you’re having issues with, use one of the following reset links:Mapify360 Password Reset

Is Mapify360 Compatible with my country?

Yes, Mapify360 works worldwide, for the vast majority of the globe. However, we are currently encountering some searching issues with several Asian markets including Singapore, China, and Indonesia. The only other downside you might encounter is that the generated PDF reports are only in English, Sp...

CitationOptimiser360 vs CitationBuilder

CitationOptimiser360 (Mapify360 module) and CitationBuilder (LocalProfits360 module) both utilize the same concept, but the applicability is different.CitationOptimiser360 is the newer product & features more supported countries, but it's mainly focused on directories that will help local businesses...

Upsells of Mapify360

There are 3 upsells to Mapify360.OTO 1 - Pro - Upgrade enables a collection of Local Tools.OTO 2 - Agency Website - Provides you with a professional agency WP template (external, won't make any difference inside the Mapify360)OTO 3 - Citation Optimizer - Citation Analyzer that will help you with pos...

How to use Mapify360

The idea is to contact the local businesses in need of help and establish yourself as someone competent that could get the job done. We have email templates that will help you establish yourself as a leading expert (we tested them in our close case study with impressive results) In the event that th...

Can’t generate results with Mapify360

The most common reason that will cause this problem is an API key that is not linked with a valid billing account.Have you also enabled billing on Google? Although they provide free credits, this must be done in order to work. Also please see from video tutorials and PDF guide that there are two API...

Mapify360 Training Videos

Please watch the training videos & PDF guides inside the Videos & Help section. We included step by step instructions on how to use Mapify360 & generate reports.

Mapify360 JavaScript API Error

This is a symptom that you didn't enable the Google Places API and/or Google Maps JavaScript API.Please open the Hamburger menu (left-hand side), go to Settings > API keys and follow the video instructions there. Also, make sure to enable Billing to get your Free credits.If you are re-doing the ste...

What is the Reseller pack?

You will get an Admin login (similarly to what we use) from which you can create accounts for your clients and get 100% commission.But you will not be able to install the software on an external server or change the logo/name, as we don’t offer white-labeling rights.

Mapify360 vs LocalProfits360

Mapify360 is a product built around GMB (Google My Business). It features a brand new algorithm that generates leads exclusively from GMB.GMB is by far the biggest business directory currently on the market. This decision allowed us to provide a clean-cut experience for our clients.We tested the sys...

No Leads are appearing (After Billing is Enabled)

This can happen if you enabled the two APIs in different projects or if billing is not attached to the active project.To avoid any further confusion, the best scenario now is to simply shut every project in your GCP account and start from scratch.To do this, go to your GCP account, Select each proje...

Mapify360 API Key Invalid

This is usually a sign that no all APIs we're enabled inside the Google Cloud Platform. Please see from video tutorials and PDF guide that there are two APIs you must enable. (Google Maps Javascript API and Places API)If you're also using CitationOptimizer, you will also need to enable the 3rd API (...

Mapify360 Email Sending doesn’t work

Keep in mind that before you can send out emails, you need to connect with your email from Settings > Gmail. Only after that, you'll be able to send yourself the test email and start sending emails to the leads inside your campaigns.

How to change PDF report language in Mapify360

To change the language of the reports, add the lead to a campaign first using Business Finder. Then, open that campaign, find the lead and click on Generate. You will then have to choose between 5 different languages.

Google Cloud Platform doesn’t accept my credit card

Google is no longer accepting debit cards. There is currently no way around this (that we know about). Unless you have a regular cc card that you can use, billing registration to GCP is not possible.

My Logo doesn’t appear in Mapify360 (Branding Feature)

Inside Mapifify360, the branding feature is only operational for the internal GMB reports.The SEO module was developed externally so we need the original developer to make the modifications in order to integrate the branding feature. We are currently in talks with him but we're pending a resolution....

Can I import leads into your software?

It's currently not possible to do this. But we are working on a feature that will allow you to add contact information and even import leads.No ETA yet, but developers are already working on this.

Software returns fewer results than Google

It's because our crawlers will filter out businesses with a spammy record, listings with no owner and businesses without any contact information. The idea is to leave you strictly with leads that actually have the potential of being converted into clients.

Will Google Charge me for API Usage?

You have to provide your billing info but you receive $300 worth of credits. This is a recent Google policy change to protect against API abuse.A scenario in which an API key is abused is an instance where a user performs search queries 24/7 from one or more computers using scripts or bots.If you us...

Can’t find Google API in Google Cloud Platform

Most commonly, the issue occurs because you are trying to search for the API inside the Marketplace.The correct way to do it is from Settings (Top-left section) > APIs & Services > Library and then use the search function there.

Reseller License Activation Mapify360

Congratulations on becoming a Mapify360 Reseller!If you purchased through JVZoo, ask approval at the following link: W+, use this link instead: you do this, submit an email with your affiliate ID, Platform (Jvzoo ...

Mapify360 Keyword density (LOCAL SEO)

Let's take these Keyword density metrics in order so you understand what gets analyzed. Business Name: This metric shows how many times their business name gets featured on their website. Phone Name: This metric shows how many times their phone number gets featured on their website, metadata, descrip...