The AgencyProfits360 is a collection Six premium WP themes for local marketers. These are the the Six Hottest Niches out there that are created by surveying our own local marketer niche.
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The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

If you’re encountering the “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” while trying to import one of our agency layouts into your website, it’s likely that you forgot to extract the archive before attempting to install it.In this case, download one of the following software and use it to extract...

I Can’t enable the Classic Editor for DIVI

In this case, you'll need to delete your current Divi installation and install the latest version. Please set a different theme as active, remove the current Divi installation and install the newest one instead.Then you will be able to enable the Classic Divi Editor and proceed with the video instru...

Do I need to purchase DIVI?

No, you don’t. That's one of the perks of buying one of our agency templates. ElegantThemes allows us to serve the latest Divi version to users but license key can't be shared.An updated DIVI version is included inside the TY page.

Agency installation not showing up on my website

One reason that might cause this problem is a situation where the Home page is not wired to be the front page. To fix this issue, go to Settings (from the vertical menu on the left) and select the Reading tab.Then, set the Frontpage to Home (the layout you imported) and click Save Changes. After doi...

My Divi menu is different than the video instructions

One reason that might make the menu different (than our tutorials) is that the new WP editor (Gutenberg) has overridden the Divi builder. To fix this, go to the left-hand menu and click on Divi > Builder > Advanced > Enable Classic Editor.You should then be able to follow the video instructions.

Divi Could not be imported in this context

If you see this error, you're not doing the importing from the right menu.You should do it by going to Pages > click on the page that you want to import into > then click the Import & Export button belonging to Divi.If the menu that you're seeing is different than the one in the video, it's probabl...

Can’t install DIVI layouts

Here’s a short guide that will help you install our DIVI layouts:First, go to Appearance > Themes and click on Upload Themes. Then, select the Divi builder (Divi-1) that you downloaded from the Ty page. Note: You don't need to extract this one.After you've done this and the theme Divi theme is insta...