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Didn't Receive Login Details

We send the email with the login details as soon as the payment is made, but sometimes that email ends up in the junk folder.Please open up your email box and check each email category (Inbox/Update/Promotion/Forums) for the email with the Login details.It’s also possible that the email ended up in ...

Will Pageify360 work in my Country?

Yes, Pageify360 works worldwide.Since it uses the Facebook API, you will be able use any Facebook Page to create website - Regardless of the language, country or target market.

Pageify360 App dosen't work for me

Due to the high amount of users that are joining Pageify360 in a short amount of time, certain features might load slower than usual (or not load at all) due to some server issues.We are in touch with our hosting partners and we're all working around the clock to accommodate every new users and we'r...

What are the upgrades to Pageify360?

Here are all the upgrades to Pageify360: - Pro module - Leadflow360 PRO - Pageify360 Agency - Reseller Module for Pageify360

Pageify360 is stuck when generating a website

This might be caused by bad data that was cached by your browser during a maintenance period or during a server issues.To fix the problem, log out of Pageify360 and clear your browser cache.After you do this, sign back into the Pageify360 application and you will be able to generate pages normally....