Fix: I can't generate a CWV Report

When you first set up the APIs, you were asked to enable 4 APIs.

For you to be able to generate a CWV Report, you need to enable the PageSpeed Insight API on top of the first 4 APIs you enabled earlier.

Here's a quick guide on how to enable the PageSpeed Insight API.


Quick Guide on Enabling the PageSpeed Insights API
for the Core Web Vitals Report in LeadsGorilla

We’ve recently developed a new module for LeadsGorilla that allows you to generate PDF reports based on the upcoming Google algorithm update commonly known as Core Web Vitals .
In order to start using the module with the new and improved features, you need to enable the PageSpeed Insights API for your API key inside your existing Google Cloud Platform account.

Here’s a quick guide on how to do this:

  1. Visit Google Cloud Platform (here) and log in with the account credentials that you used to generate your API keys.
  2. Once you are logged into the platform, click on the project drop-down menu in the top-left section of the screen and make sure that the right project is selected. It’s important to select the project in which you generated the API key that is currently active for LeadsGorilla

3. If the correct project is not selected, open the drop down menu associated with the active project, click on it once to select and then hit the​ Open button. 

4.  Once the right project is added, click on the action button (top-left corner) and go to ​APIs & Services > Dashboard​

5. Once you get to the ​APIs & Services​ screen, click on ​Enable APIS and Services​ from the top section of the screen. 

6.  Type “​PageSpeed Insights API​” inside the search box and press ​Enter​. Next, from the list of results, click on ​PageSpeed Insights API​

7.  Click on ​PageSpeed Insights API​, then click on the ​Enable​ button from the next screen. 

8.  That’s it. Once the ​PageSpeed Insights API​ is enabled, you can return to LeadsGorilla and generate Core Web Vitals reports with no issues. The module will start working correctly.