Mapify VS LeadsGorilla

We wanted to make LeadsGorilla feel familiar to existing Mapify360 users, maintaining the same structure that worked so well for both newbies & veterans marketers.

Although the differences are very significant, I’m going to focus on comparing 4 Main Features on Mapify360 with their equivalents on LeadsGorilla.

#1 - Lead-Finding

On Mapify360, you had the Business Finder that would find you reliably using data fetched directly from Google.
It was Easy, Fast &  Reliable, but we made it even better this time around. 

On LeadsGorilla, we brought that module back, but we improved its accuracy considerably and we introduced the ability to search by a Custom Radius. 
But what makes LeadsGorilla superior is the ability to search for Facebook Leads (Places or Pages)

As you know, a lot of LOCAL Businesses operate exclusively on Facebook, so the potential client pool you can target is way bigger.

 #2 - Lead Analysis

Finding leads is something that Mapify360 does very well.

But the ability to determine which leads are most likely to become your clients is Completely NEW to LOCAL.

To achieve this, we’ve developed 2 NEW proprietary algorithms and integrated them with LeadsGorilla:

  • GMB LeadScore Technology
  • FB LeadScore Technology 

#3 - Reports

The GMB Report we’ve developed for Mapify360has already proven to be a HUGE client-closer.

But with LeadsGorilla, we’ve completely revamped the design added NEW metrics & made it fully customizable for the end-user.

And on top of the GMB Report, we’re introducing 

3 Additional Custom Client-Closing Reports:

  • Facebook Reports
  • SEO Reports
  • Citation Reports

# 4 - Client-Closing 

One of the things that made Mapify360 so effective was the proven-to convert email swipes.

Well, the same module is making a return with LeadsGorilla, more streamlined & dependable than ever before.

You have more placeholders to work with, more swipes to choose from & the ability to add your own custom swipes & save them inside the platform.

For more features available inside LeadsGorilla that were not discussed here, watch the DEMO Video here: